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Investment Strategy

The paramount consideration in A.G.M Realty approach to real estate investing is identifying value creation opportunities.

A.G.M Realty investment approaches involves acquiring under preforming real estate assets in prime locations with low risk and add value approach through our "hands-on" experience and our owner/operator perspective which strengthens our investment strategy.

Throughout our history, we've demonstrated an ability to successfully adjust our investment approach to the performance of the market cycles and produce superior risk-adjusted returns. Quick transaction execution and an active role in management provide A.G.M with a competitive advantage over more financially oriented investors.

Acquisition Criteria
A.G.M  is constantly seeking to expend its portfolio and capitalize on contrarian market and value-added opportunities that are not readily available or apparent to our competitors.

We structure investments in many ways, including: equity, joint venture with our long-time partners and mortgage debt.

Residential / Multifamily
• Garden, townhome, mid-rise, and high-rise apartment communities
• Single properties
• Primary and secondary metropolitan areas
• Markets with stable or growing population, employment and education system.
• Under managed properties

We are interested in investments that feature:
• Attractive pricing relative to replacement cost
• Value-add or deeply discounted properties
• High barrier to entry and contrarian markets
• Single assets or portfolios of properties
• No minimum $$$investment

As an entrepreneurial organization, we pride ourselves on our efficient decision making and execution abilities. Inquiries and submittals are always welcome. (Brokers protected.)

AGM Areas of differentiated expertise include:
Urban Investment Expertise
An in-depth understanding of urban investments throughout the sourcing, acquisition, entitlement, financing, development, asset management, and disposition processes.

Due Diligence & Capital Deployment
The ability to efficiently and comprehensively conduct due diligence, underwrite, and close on investments, through any of A.G.M sources of capital.

A strong track record of building long-term relationships with proven sponsors as well as continuously fostering new relationships. AGM goal is to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Whether if you are a first-time investor or in the process of stepping up your portfolio, A.G.M. Realty Group LLC. is a great place to begin the process. A.G.M. Realty Group LLC customer service, professionalism and experience are the reasons investors continue to work with us, acquisition after acquisition.

The ability to tailor investment structures to suit project, circumstance, and partners' needs.
Our goal is to integrate between our three arms in each acquisition or joint venture, tailored specifically to each project and transaction.

A.G.M. Realty Group LLC.
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